What to Avoid When Doing a Bathroom Remodel
March 23, 2023 at 7:00 AM
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Are you considering a bathroom remodel for your Atlanta home? Renovating your bathroom can certainly add value to your property, not to mention allow you to luxuriate in your space to the fullest extent. However, it can be easy to make mistakes that can cause your project to go over budget or not turn out as you had hoped. Below are some common mistakes to avoid when doing a bathroom remodel, according to Elite Construction & Renovations, a home improvement service in Atlanta.

Not Planning Properly

Planning is the key to any successful remodeling project, and bathroom remodeling is no exception. One of the most common mistakes that homeowners make is not spending enough time in the planning stage. Take time to consider your goals for the remodel, your budget, and the timeline for completion. You should also research the latest trends in bathroom design, as well as any local building codes that may impact your project. A good rule of thumb is to spend at least as much time planning your remodel as you do executing it.

Overlooking Functionality

Bathrooms are functional spaces, and it’s important to prioritize functionality when planning your remodel. Think about how you use the space, and make sure that your design choices accommodate your needs. For example, if you have a large family, you may need more storage space or multiple sinks. If you have mobility issues, you may need a walk-in shower or grab bars. Prioritizing functionality will ensure that your new bathroom not only looks great, but also serves your needs.

Focusing Too Much on Trends

While it’s critical to stay current with the latest design trends, it’s also essential to keep in mind that trends come and go. If you focus too much on trends, you may end up with a bathroom that looks dated in just a few years. Instead, aim for a timeless design that incorporates some current trends, but can stand the test of time. Classic materials like marble, subway tile, and brass fixtures are always in style and can be incorporated in a way that feels fresh and modern.

Not Setting a Realistic Budget

Bathroom remodels can be expensive, and it’s important to set a realistic budget before you begin. Consider all the costs involved, including materials, labor, and any unexpected expenses that may arise. If you don’t set a realistic budget, you may find yourself overspending or cutting corners to make up for it. A good contractor can help you set a budget that takes all these factors into account.

Cutting Corners on Quality

Bathroom remodels are a significant investment, and it’s important to invest in quality materials and workmanship. Cutting corners on quality may save you money in the short term, but it can lead to costly repairs and replacements down the road. When choosing materials, opt for high-quality options that are durable and resistant to moisture. Choose a reputable contractor who can provide references and has a track record of delivering quality work.

Not Considering Lighting

Lighting is an often-overlooked aspect of bathroom design, but it’s essential for creating a functional and inviting space. Make sure to include a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting to accommodate different needs and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. LED lights are a popular choice for bathrooms because they’re energy-efficient and produce bright, white light that mimics natural daylight.

Not Ventilating Properly

Bathrooms are humid spaces, and proper ventilation is essential for preventing moisture buildup, mold, and mildew. Make sure to include a ventilation system in your design, and pick a fan that’s appropriately sized for your space. It’s also important to keep your bathroom well-ventilated by opening windows and doors when possible.

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In conclusion, a bathroom remodel can be a great investment for your Atlanta home, but it's essential to avoid these common mistakes. Set a realistic budget, take your time with the planning process, consider storage space, select the right fixtures and finishes, plan your lighting and ventilation carefully, address plumbing issues, and hire a professional contractor to help you execute your vision. With these tips in mind, you can create a beautiful and functional bathroom that you'll love for years to come. If you're in need of general contractors in Atlanta, don't hesitate to contact our team at Elite Construction and Renovation today!