Vinyl Flooring Installation Tips from Atlanta Contractors
August 5, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Vinyl flooring installation contractors.

Your floors set the stylistic mood for your entire home. Instead of living with outdated flooring, consider an upgrade––even a simple renovation like re-doing your floors can transform the look and feel of your entire home. One of the best ways to increase your home’s value and modernize its style while sticking to a budget is with vinyl flooring. It’s durable, easy to install, waterproof, and durable in high-traffic areas. Vinyl flooring even reduces noise––perfect for busy families with kids and pets. Get in touch with a vinyl flooring installation contractor for expert advice and installation if you’re ready for new floors in your home.

Here are top tips from Atlanta contractors for installing vinyl flooring.

Look at as many samples as possible in the room being renovated.

It’s essential to look at samples in the room where they’ll be installed, whether you’re buying materials from a big box store or working with suppliers through your contractor. Your home’s lighting fixtures, paint color, and exterior light will all give the vinyl flooring a slightly different appearance than in your contractor’s office or a retail store with fluorescent lighting.

Consider buying a single box of the planks you want to cover a section of the room to confirm you want an entire floor of the sample.

The better the subfloor, the better the results of the installation will be.

You can, technically, install new vinyl flooring over your old vinyl floors. Still, manufacturers don’t recommend doing so more than once, and especially not if the flooring has any kind of texture. Even the slightest bump can compromise the integrity of your new vinyl floors.

We recommend working with a vinyl flooring installation contractor for your floor renovation. They’ll remove your existing floors and sand your plywood subfloor to a smooth finish. A simple initial step will ensure the installation not only looks its best but meets the manufacturer’s requirements for warranty coverage.

Be selective about where you install vinyl flooring.

We love vinyl flooring for its many benefits, such as affordability, comfort, ease of installation, and look. But it comes with some downsides (every type of flooring does!). Homeowners can mitigate the most severe downsides by simply choosing suitable rooms to install vinyl. Because it requires a smooth floor to look its best, we don’t recommend installing directly over concrete in an unfinished basement. When you work with a contractor, they’ll install a subfloor before the vinyl flooring.

It can also fade with exposure to extreme temperatures and direct sunlight, so it’s not a good flooring choice for porches and patios.

Make sure your vinyl flooring installation contractor uses an underlayment.

Regardless of the backing on the vinyl planks, always use an underlayment when installing vinyl flooring. It adds extra cushioning to the flooring–essential if you’re running around after kids, cleaning, or otherwise just on your feet a lot at home. But it also provides an additional waterproof barrier before the subfloor and helps to absorb noise.

While you’ll never see or feel the underlayment, it creates a cozy atmosphere in the renovated room and protects your investment in new floors.

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