Tips for Hiring Atlanta Renovation Experts
November 20, 2022 at 8:00 AM
Tips for Hiring Atlanta Renovation Experts

Hiring an Atlanta renovation expert is no easy feat. That’s because renovation contractors are generally busy, and there is a shortage of materials and labor. But if you plan to invest a substantial amount of money in renovating your home, you’ll want to ensure the job is done right, on budget, and on time.

A reputable and experienced renovation expert will know how important your home and renovations are to you. And they will work to answer any questions you have so you trust the company working on your most valuable asset. Here are some tips for hiring Atlanta renovation experts.

1. Ask for references

Word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family are always a great idea when hiring a renovation expert — as they likely have someone they trust. You can also ask others what questions they forgot to ask at the beginning to ensure you are not missing anything before you hire an Atlanta renovation expert.

Along with recommendations, check references, online reviews, and Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings. Most companies don’t have perfect ratings, as some people will never be satisfied. But look for ones that have solid and decent references. Once you have a shortlist of companies, make phone calls before scheduling face-to-face meetings for estimates. You’ll want to ask questions about other projects they have done like yours and the size of those projects.

2. Expect timeliness

Not showing up or completing projects on time can be a red flag. You can test this by asking for a face-to-face meeting. If they don’t show up or call ahead of time with a legitimate excuse for rescheduling, don’t give them a second chance. Letting timeliness slide from the beginning of the working relationship can cause problems for your renovation projects, like skewed timelines and communication issues.

Before deciding on or signing any paperwork, take your time to vet each contractor during the interview process thoroughly.

3. Know who your subcontractors will be

It’s always good when the renovation expert has all the skills needed for the entire project on their team. This gives them control over the budget and timeline of your renovation project. If they bring in subcontractors, you’ll want to know who they are and whether they are licensed or insured. Be sure to insist that the contractor obtain and provide you with lien releases from all subcontractors and suppliers.

4. Be prepared with a defined renovation project

It can take a few meetings to nail down the design and scope of the project. But don’t hire a renovation expert until the project is fully defined. If they need to check on the availability of a particular material or the schedule of a contractor, let them do that before you commit. In addition, keep in mind that you may need to make some minor changes after the project has started, but the better it is defined in the beginning, the better your working relationship will be with your contractor.

5. Ask about other projects they are working on

You’ll want to have several discussions about the projects they are currently working on. This is so you can know how much work they can handle simultaneously. Ask questions like “How will you handle my job at the same time as your other jobs?”

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