Reasons to Stop Putting Off Screen Porch Repairs in Atlanta
February 16, 2023 at 5:00 AM
Piedmont Park sunset

Whether you've moved into a home you recently bought or have just been putting it off, now is a fantastic time to finally schedule your Atlanta screen porch repairs. The weather has started warming up again, and you'll likely want to start spending more time outdoors. A screened-in porch is a great way to do that without having to leave your home, and if you schedule the repairs on your porch soon, you'll enjoy the many benefits that come with having one.

Benefits of scheduling Atlanta screen porch repairs now.

It gives your home more living space.

When you have a screened-in porch, it becomes an extension of the living spaces you have inside your home. Since it's a covered and screened-in addition to the house, the porch can serve as any other room you have. You can put furniture out there and add entertainment devices without worrying about them being exposed to the elements. With the right design, you can seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor living and take advantage of what is essentially a whole new room for your house.

Enjoy year-round use.

Many people put off their screen porch repairs in Atlanta because they believe it's seasonal and only functional during certain times of the year. However, with the proper setup, you can enjoy spending time outdoors all year long, even in the hot Atlanta months. You're already blocking out the sun most of the day, and you can add a ceiling fan so you're not reliant on summer breezes to stay cool. When the weather cools down, simply bring out a space heater and take advantage of outdoor living.

Add value to your home.

It's helpful to look at screen porch repairs in Atlanta as an investment in your property. Once you've made the needed repairs, you can expect the value of your property to increase. Since screened-in porches can be used year-round, they add to the home's total square footage. Plus, it's a fantastic feature that many people in the South would like for their home, which can drive up the price when you're ready to sell.

Don't get bogged down with constant maintenance.

Once you've completed your screen porch repairs in Atlanta, you won't have to worry about too much ongoing maintenance. Unlike other outdoor spaces, like a deck or uncovered patio, the screened-in porch is largely safe from the elements. So the porch itself, along with the furniture on it, doesn't require as much cleaning, and you won't have to refinish the wood as often as installations that are exposed to water and sunlight.

Enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Being cooped up inside for too long isn't good for your physical or mental health. That's a lesson that many people learned during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Now, as more people continue to work remotely, it's easier than ever to feel trapped inside for long periods of time. With an outdoor porch, though, you can get outside while still being productive. It's an easy way to get helpful vitamin D and to breathe fresh air without having to really leave your home.

Do you need screen porch repairs in Atlanta?

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