Kitchen Remodels: Atlanta Trends 2020
April 27, 2020 at 4:00 AM
by Elite Construction and Renovations
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Cliché as it sounds, the kitchen will always be the heart of the home. During casual get-togethers or large parties, people usually congregate in the kitchen. But is your kitchen a little behind the times? Has your kitchen cabinetry seen better days? 

Whether you're looking for an update or brand-new cabinetry, the visual impact of your kitchen can't be overstated. And if you need inspiration, we have a list of 2020 trends for kitchen remodelers in Atlanta.

These trends can change your kitchen into a stunning yet functional area for you to cook and entertain in. And regardless of your style — be it vintage, rustic or contemporary — your kitchen can reflect that design through these trends. 

Some of the 2020 kitchen remodel trends include:

Hidden kitchen appliances: If the stainless steel look isn't your thing, we at Elite Construction & Renovations can mimic your cabinet fronts on your appliances for a fresh, up-to-date look.

Open shelving: Showcase your vintage china or cookware on your kitchen shelves while making them easy to find.

Under-cabinet task lighting: Lighting is an integral part of your kitchen — it's easier and safer to cook when you can see clearly. Don't rely on old, overhead lighting.  

Pantries: A new pantry offers plenty of room and shelving for all of your non-perishables. It's a great way to save room in cabinets. Elite Construction & Renovations has several pantry designs to enhance your kitchen while making it functional. 

Two-tone cabinets: Mix and match colors and textures to come up with your customized kitchen masterpiece. Black and beige are two of the favored hues in 2020.

Range hoods: One of the newest minimalist trends is a concealed range hood. Draw attention to the rest of your kitchen by cleverly camouflaging your range hood.

Kitchen ceiling: You can even make a statement with your kitchen ceiling! New paint and lighting can make a significant impact. Hanging pot and pan holders are also trending in 2020.

Trash and recycling storage: These can be built into your cabinets. They stay hidden while making it easier to dispose of items.

Cabinet features: Some of the newest features include dish dividers, roll-out trays and built-in silverware trays. Keeping organized in the kitchen is something everyone wants — and we at Elite Construction & Renovations can help you update your kitchen at an affordable price. 

Charging station: A station with outlets and USB ports comes in handy. Switches and outlets can be hidden for a cleaner look.

An island: A kitchen island with seating is always appealing. Other features such as a butcher block, updated fixtures and extra cabinet space can be added to an island as well. 

Upgrading or constructing a new kitchen requires expert knowledge in several areas, including plumbing and electrical needs. Here at Elite Construction & Renovations, our team includes licensed and professional experts as well as Atlanta kitchen remodelers who have extensive training to complete your project. We take customer service seriously and we'll work with you on every detail. Use our contact form to learn more about our kitchen remodelers in Atlanta or to set up an appointment. Make 2020 the year of your new kitchen!