How to Find a Construction Contractor for Home Renovations
May 29, 2022 at 10:30 PM
Image of the work done by a construction contractor in Atlanta, GA.

A renovation transforms your property to better suit your needs and aesthetics. For homeowners who want to adjust to their growing family or update their home’s style, a renovation maintains equity in a property without compromising on your dream home. Especially if your house is cramped or has a poor layout, a home renovation will make the interior feel brand new and uniquely like you. The home renovation experience––cost, time, and results––depend on finding a skilled, reliable contractor. Here’s how to find the perfect Atlanta construction contractor for your home renovation project.

Consider what services they include with their work.

Every contractor offers a different range of services. Some have in-house experts to handle every aspect of a renovation project. Others subcontract to local companies for specific parts of the job. When you choose a company that subcontracts, homeowners have to do more research to look into the quality of work by those other companies.

You may not need a full-service contractor if you have a specific vision for your completed renovation or plans by a designer or architect. However, homeowners with only a vague idea of their upgrades and updates might want to talk through decisions with a construction contractor who will be doing the work.

Get quotes from multiple contractors.

One of the most time-consuming but essential tasks before beginning a home renovation project is getting quotes from multiple contractors. Start with phone conversations with some of your area’s highly reviewed and well-known construction contractors. Shortlist the companies who are responsive by phone and with whom you feel comfortable talking.

Meet with three to five contractors to go over plans for the renovation and get initial quotes. It’s tempting in this stage to want to choose the contractor who offers the lowest price. However, keep in mind the timeline and required skills involved in the project. Bids that are substantially lower than the others may not be considering the full scope of the work involved in the project.

Ask to see their prior work.

Every home is unique, but a construction contractor with experience doing renovations similar to the final look you want for your property makes the entire process run smoother. The right construction contractor in Atlanta, GA, is someone who can meet your budget and timeline and who understands how you want your home to look and feel after the renovation.

When you find a contractor with a portfolio of work you love, you can feel confident they’ll deliver a final product you’ll love for your home renovation.

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Sign a formal contract before work begins.

A reputable construction contractor will always draw up a contract with a client before beginning work. A formal agreement protects both the contractor and the homeowners by describing the extent of the work to be completed, the required downpayment before beginning work, and the payment schedule. It will also clarify if there will be subcontractors used in the project and who those companies are.

A formal contract eliminates miscommunications and gives homeowners a set completion date for the work, so there are clear expectations heading into the project.

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