Does my home repair require an electrician in Atlanta?
May 24, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Does my home repair require an electrician in Atlanta?

Most electrical problems in our homes don’t happen overnight. We’ll start to notice things like lights dimming when we start to turn on the microwave or a loosening outlet after we unplug the vacuum and not think much of it. While some electrical nuances are normal, some can be signs of bigger problems that will continue to get worse over time. At Elite Construction & Renovations, we have six repairs in your home that need to be completed with the help of an electrician in Atlanta.

Flickering lights

Lights in old homes in horror movies often flicker for effect. This is a great way to create the feeling that the lights could go out at any minute. While this is a way cinema has established this feeling, you don’t want this or much worse lingering over your home. In fact, flickering lights could be a sign of a power surge within your electrical system that it can’t handle. You might need to upgrade the wiring in your home before you have larger problems.

Trouble with a light switch or outlet

Your light switches should turn on every time you flip the switch and your outlets should work every time you plug something into them. If they don’t, this is an indication of loose wiring, which is a major fire hazard and puts you and your family at risk of getting shocked. An electrician can come to evaluate the state of the wiring and either perform a simple repair or replace the wires.

Always changing light bulbs

You shouldn’t be constantly changing light bulbs in your home. This is especially true with today’s light bulbs that are often rated to last for nearly as long as your mortgage. If you feel like you’re constantly changing bulbs, you might have an electrical system that has a larger issue. However, if this is an issue that you’re having, be sure to check that the wattage on the bulbs you’re using meets the recommended wattage for the light fixture. This could be an issue that is solved without the help of an electrician.

Tripping breakers

A typically functioning home shouldn’t have breakers tripping on a regular basis. Yes, they are meant to trip when there’s an overload on the circuit and occasional trips are normal. This keeps your electrical system from overheating and starting fires. Although, regularly tripping your breakers could be a sign of an issue with your electrical system and an electrician will need to come to your home to evaluate it and see where the issue is originating.

Hot outlets or light fixtures

Whether it’s in your ceiling or on your wall, heat around light fixtures or outlets isn’t good. This could be a sign of insufficient insulation around the wiring. Electrical wire insulation is a non-conductive material like plastic, ceramic, or rubber tape that protects the surrounding area from the wires. If there isn’t enough insulation, you might notice that the ceiling around your light fixtures or the wall near your outlets feels warm. This is another fire hazard and an electrician is needed to repair or replace the insulation.

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