Do You Need to Hire an Architect and an Atlanta Renovation Contractor?
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Do You Need to Hire an Architect and an Atlanta Renovation Contractor?

Are you thinking about remodeling your house? Maybe you just had a new addition to your family, or one bathroom is no longer enough. The truth is that our circumstances change — but our houses never do.

Whether you’re enlarging a kitchen or doubling the size of your house, there’s bound to be plenty of planning involved. You may wonder whether you will need to hire an architect in addition to your Atlanta renovation contractor.

We’ll explain below whether you should hire an architect for your renovation project.

When should you hire an architect?

Architects possess a high level of expertise in design, materials, and building systems. They are required to obtain a license in the states where they practice. This requires architects to earn a degree from an approved program, complete an internship, and pass an exam.

Here’s how to tell when you should consider hiring an architect:

  • You’re remodeling your home on a budget. While hiring an architect means you’ll have one more professional to pay for, you can save more money by hiring one. That’s because they can create features you want in your home at a lower cost, otherwise known as value engineering. An architect can suggest substituting a similar but more economical building material to get the same effect. They can also help you avoid making mistakes you may regret later on, or that end up costing you more money.
  • You’re modeling a unique or historic home. If your home is centuries old and you want to remodel it, hiring an architect can be critical in ensuring that the integrity of your home stays intact.
  • Your city requires that you hire one for a remodel. In most communities, an architect isn’t necessary for a remodel. But in some urban areas —you may need an architect or engineer to sign off on your plans. You’ll want to check in with your local building department.
  • You’re unsure of what choices you should make. Remodeling your home can be costly and require you to make decisions on things you may not know anything about. A reputable architect can be an intermediary and adviser who can help you make the right choices during your remodel.
  • You have a problem with your house but are unsure how to solve it. Is your house structured uniquely? Maybe the one bathroom in your home is not enough for your entire family. A good architect can help you sort through possibilities and create improvements that fit your budget and lifestyle.

How to find the right architect for your project

Once you’ve decided on hiring an architect for your remodel, you’ll need to search for the right one. You’ll want to find someone skilled in designing the type of remodel or addition you want. You’ll also want to find an architect with whom you communicate well and whose cost model you can afford.

Your search for an architect can begin on sites like and You can search by zip code and narrow your search with certain qualifiers. You can also speak with your local chapter of The American Institute of Architects (AIA).

After identifying a few potential candidates, you’ll want to spend time searching their portfolios and learning more about their practice.

If you find an architect you like, you can schedule an interview to review your project.

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