Common Screen Porch Repairs in Atlanta, GA
January 20, 2021 at 5:00 AM
We provide all types of screen porch repairs around Atlanta.

Screen porches are a staple of homes here in the South. They provide a viable outdoor living space for your family and allow you to enjoy the outdoor weather free of the hassle of being bombarded by insects and other pests. However, unlike many other parts of your home, the screen porch is exposed to the elements, making it more prone to damage. Here at Elite Construction & Renovations, we've dealt with numerous types of screen porch repairs in Atlanta and the surrounding areas, so if you're dealing with any of these challenges, we're the team to call for assistance.

Atlanta Screen Porch Repairs We Provide

Broken or missing portions of the screen.

The screen is an essential element of outdoor porches because it's the component that prevents insects and other pests from getting onto it while you're relaxing outside. However, it's also not a highly durable component, so they are prone to tearing or being removed from a section of the porch entirely. Unless the affected area is repaired or replaced, it opens your porch to an infestation, which brings with it its own litany of problems. Whether it's repairing one section or installing new screens for the entire porch, we can fix this problem for you quickly.

Repairing portions of the porch affected by wood rot.

Since the screen porch is outside, it's continuously exposed to the elements like rain, snow, and the sun's UV rays. That means any piece of wood used in its construction needs a special treatment to maintain its structural integrity. Sometimes, though, either the treatment isn't applied correctly, or it wears away over time, and moisture can damage the wood and cause it to rot. That affects the stability of the whole porch and presents safety concerns, but we can replace the affected pieces and treat the entire porch to prevent issues in the future.

Malfunctioning door.

Whether it's caused by normal wear and tear, the foundation settling, or impact damage, a malfunctioning door is a major nuisance for homeowners and one of the most common Atlanta screen porch repairs we perform. We'll diagnose the cause of the issue and apply any needed repairs to address it. If the door needs to be replaced entirely, we can help you with that too.

Major porch renovations.

Over time, your needs as a homeowner will change, and that will lead you to either needing or finally wanting and being able to renovate your property. When that time comes, the team at Elite Construction & Renovations is here to help. Our team has the capabilities to expand or shrink your porch, completely redesign its layout, or custom-build an entirely new one from scratch, depending on what your goals are. We'll work with you to understand your vision, help with the design of the updated porch, and handle all of the teardown and rebuild to make that vision a reality.

Do You Need Screen Porch Repairs Near Atlanta?

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