3 key bathroom renovations in Atlanta to make before selling
April 19, 2022 at 7:00 AM
A bathroom with neutral colors.

When reselling your home, maximizing its value is essential. However, understanding what improvements to make during Atlanta bathroom renovations to maximize your return on investment requires expertise. Luckily, at Elite Construction and Renovations, we are the premier home improvement service that will bring the best out of your property. No matter the size or scope of the job, we have years of experience and can refresh your property through attentive, tailored expert solutions.

Here 3 key bathroom renovations to make before reselling:


When considering key Atlanta bathroom renovations when reselling your home, emphasize flooring.

Flooring is the foundation of your bathroom and its atmosphere. No one wants old, worn-down flooring that hasn’t been revamped in years. Old flooring deters prospective buyers and significantly reduces your home’s value as it’s the first thing a buyer will assess.

More than an eyesore, buyers perceive it as an added expense. We advise opting for dark hardwood flooring or easily maintained neutral tiling. Better yet, because of bathroom sizes, this is an affordable renovation that yields significant returns when selling your home.

Appealing to buyers is essential. If you don’t know where to start, at Elite Construction and Renovations, we provide affordable solutions and expert advice that maximize home value.


Fixtures are also crucial when planning Atlanta bathroom renovations. Ultimately, this rejuvenates the ambiance and signifies you’ve put time and effort into your bathroom.

Cohesive, complementary handles, showerheads, and sink faucets are crucial to maximize the impact you make on buyers and optimize your home’s value. Ensure everything, from the faucets to the doorknobs to the shower frames, complement each other.

Avoid mixing metals that clash with each other, and even something as simple as framing the mirror can add significant value for a minimal investment. However, remodeling fixtures also means focusing on lighting.

To appeal to buyers, select sophisticated, understated light fixtures. More importantly, to modernize your space and maximize your home’s value, opt for energy-efficient tasteful light fixtures that reduce energy expenses.

Find fixtures that provide task lighting at your vanity and over your shower or bathtub, ensure the overhead lighting offers ample general illumination, and focus on lighting that accents architectural features in the space.

Replacing bathroom fixtures requires an expert eye. At Elite Construction and Renovations, we can find the perfect fixtures to meet and exceed your remodeling goals in Atlanta.

Neutral colors

The key to Atlanta bathroom renovations when reselling is appealing to as many buyers as possible. Therefore, introducing a neutral color palette is critical.

Prioritize presenting a neutral bathroom buyers can see themselves using in their daily lives. Neutral colors enable prospective buyers to get creative and envision the bathroom designed precisely how they want it.

If you have bold colors and prints in your bathroom, tone it down. Paint the walls a neutral shade or even a pale, soothing blue or green to cultivate a peaceful atmosphere and ensure it appeals to as many buyers as possible.

We recommend painting the entry door, cabinetry, and trim white to renew the space and create a clean and crisp look. This includes ensuring things like bathtubs and sinks are white, too. Ultimately, your bathroom should be a blank canvas for buyers.

White is always a safe option, and more importantly, implementing a neutral base will accentuate your other improvements.

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