8 trends by kitchen remodelers in Atlanta and Gainesville homes
November 29, 2020 at 7:00 AM
8 trends by kitchen remodelers for Atlanta and Gainesville homes

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking over our lives in 2020, we’ve come to learn how to live our lives in Gainesville a little differently. OK, a lot differently. Because of this, there have been a series of new trends that have taken hold of kitchen remodeling in order to accommodate functionality and usage. That being said, there are a few trends that are meant to simply enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen. At Elite Construction & Renovations, we’ve identified eight of these new trends that have been set by kitchen remodelers in the Atlanta area.

Open concept

If you’re wanting to put in that island that you’ve come to love, this is the way to do it. An open concept in your kitchen will create much more space for the island as well as open up the rest of your home. Your home will feel much bigger and brighter and the chef won’t feel isolated from the rest of the house as well.

No handles

While handles on drawers and cabinets aren’t going to get in your way, it can be difficult to find the perfect hardware to fit your ideal kitchen. You can take the easy way out by getting rid of them. By going handleless, you can create a sharp, sleek surface that provides a seamless look throughout your entire kitchen.

Versatile wallpaper

That’s right, wallpaper is coming back. However, peel-and-stick wallpaper won’t make a mess going on or coming off. You can easily apply wallpaper to create your idyllic kitchen, then take it off and replace it or remove it altogether in a few years if you decide you don’t like it. Additionally, vinyl wallpaper can be used as a cost-effective alternative to tile in order to create a beautiful backsplash.

Engineered sinks

Farmhouse sinks have become increasingly popular in recent years. These specific sinks do not have a divider in the middle and fit seamlessly into your counter’s design. In addition to a minimalistic look, farmhouse sinks can be engineered sinks are made of special materials that make them stronger than what you’re typically used to. Products like concrete and sinigranit, which is a non-porous, food-safe material that’s stronger and more durable than porcelain.

Built-in pantries

During the COVID-19 pandemic, trips to the grocery store have become an “as needed” errand. These periodic trips have brought a greater necessity to buy in bulk. A built-in pantry allows for seemingly endless shelving and space for everyday food items to be stored with bulk purchases.

Non-stacked appliance

When you install stacked appliances, you’re at the mercy of the design and height of another person. Not every person is between 5’5” and 6’ tall. Have your kitchen modelers in Atlanta install non-stacked appliances to make them at a height that’s good for you.

Built-in charging stations

As a society, we’re becoming more and more reliant on our electronic devices to stay connected with friends and loved ones. Make sure that your devices stay fully charged with charging stations throughout your kitchen. While it’s easy to designate a certain place in your kitchen for chargers, it’s even easier to have a charging station built into a drawer or cabinet with plugs that accommodate the need with USB ports in addition to traditional outlets.

Smart appliances

Streamline your grocery list, cooking, and overall home life with smart appliances. Smart refrigerators, ovens, and stoves are becoming increasingly popular because of their added convenience. Some smart fridge models will take pictures of the inside of your fridge each time the door closes so you can see what all you have. You can access these photos while grocery shopping to make sure you don’t miss anything on your list. A smart oven and stove allow you to closely monitor your cooktop and oven settings for a better overall meal. It’s also a great way to keep your home safe.

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