6 Great Ideas for Basement Renovations in Atlanta
April 8, 2020 at 4:00 AM

Why Renovate Your Basement?

A basement doesn’t have to be merely a place to store old junk, out-of-fashion clothes, and Christmas decorations. By having it professionally renovated, it can become a place where family and friends gather. Or, it can be your special hideaway – the choice is yours.

And, what’s more, it can increase the value of your home

Basement Renovation Ideas

At Elite Construction & Renovations, we see every unfinished basement as a treasure of unfulfilled potential. Not all basement renovations in Atlanta need to be the same, though. So here are some basement renovation ideas you can explore.

Mother-in-Law Suite

It is one of the most popular renovation selections. Mother-in-law suites generally take the form of a small one-bedroom apartment complete with kitchenette and bathroom. And, your home can definitely benefit from this added living space. 

Game Room

Many homeowners envision the perfect spot for enjoying games. Some crave a space where they can get the guys together to watch the big game on the flatscreen. Others get more hands on, preferring to compete with opponents across the room or around the world with video gaming.

Today’s game room has to meet a higher set of expectations, though. Builders must carefully consider important aspects, such as sufficient wiring and outlets. They also must work with clients to determine space and seating needs. And, we can help you with that. 

Home Office

Only a few years ago, all a home office required was enough lighted space to work. Today’s work-from-home professionals demand more, however. More devices require better wiring and increased space. More reliance on video conferencing means that most will need a professional-looking office space.

Indeed, home offices have to both look good and function well for the modern stay-at-home worker. Let us help you get that professional space in your very own basement.

Workout Room

For many homes, basements provide an ideal location to put a workout room. Exercising in a dark and musty basement, however, does not appeal to most.

We can provide a clean, bright, and pleasant space in which to do a range of exercises. If you have special equipment, we can construct platforms or other needed adaptations.

Craft Room

Craft rooms can require a wide range of features that a contractor can include in a renovation. These can include built-in desks and shelves, special lighting, and even pottery kilns or metal working equipment. Some will also have specific lighting requirements.

Because craft enthusiasts might perform their art in a hundred different ways, contractors must make sure to get specific information about needs from their clients.

Recreational Room

The all-purpose recreational room was one of the first popular renovations. It also adds living space and value to the house without including too many specific features. Most recreational rooms feature a large, open space perfect for parties or watching television.

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Let us explore the possibilities in your unfinished basement. We can work together to make your vision grow into a reality.