2022 home renovation trends in Atlanta
January 19, 2022 at 7:00 AM
2022 home renovation trends in Atlanta

With each year comes new trends in home renovation in Atlanta. You can find ways to improve your home with a major overhaul or by making subtle changes here and there. With help from Elite Construction & Renovations, you can update your home with some of the latest and greatest trends. Read more to learn more about some of the trends we’re already seeing this year.


Many of us have spent the last two years at home without going on vacation or even commuting into the office. Spending all this time at home can make a cluttered space feel incredibly uncomfortable. It’s become commonplace to clear out some of the trinkets and excess furniture to create a minimalistic living space. We understand if you get a little anxious thinking about living as a minimalist. However, it doesn’t mean you have to without some of your favorite amenities. Instead, you don’t need some of the extra things around your house that are simply taking up space without serving a purpose.

If you have items that you like to keep around, renovation projects like installing recessed shelving can help to give back some of the space while giving items a home out of the way. With a minimalist renovation, you can get rid of some of the extra walls to create a more open space.

Basic color palettes

If you’re not looking to make any major changes, mixing up the color scheme in your home can be a great way to update your living space. Rather than going big and bold with bright colors, basic colors tend to be more popular. There’s so much noise and negativity out in the world these days that you don’t need to have loud and busy colors in your home as well. Muted colors make for a more relaxed and peaceful environment. Consider painting with basic color palettes that include beige, gray, light blue, and other soft tones.

Versatile office space

Working from home has become a new normal for many people since the start of the pandemic. Professionals have found ways to turn an extra bedroom or unused living space into a functional office. You can still create an office space in an open area in your home without losing the privacy you need to be productive. Think about collapsable or removable walls and dividers that create a secluded workspace without creating a permanent wall that you don’t want in the open areas of your home.

In addition to collapsable dividers, consider finding ways to keep work equipment out of sight. You can close up your computer in a cabinet at the end of the day, so work isn’t lingering in the back of your mind the rest of the night.

Vinyl flooring

Wood flooring has been the king of flooring for many years running. Although, vinyl is quickly gaining as a competitor. We’ve seen vinyl flooring nearly double in use each of the last three years because of its versatility, price, and durability. You can install wood-printed vinyl flooring that gives the same aesthetic without being vulnerable to water damage. You can upgrade your flooring without installing expensive wood floors.

Reach out to get started

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